October 30, 2017

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May 10, 2017

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10 Things that Happen only at Indian Weddings

December 4, 2017

If you see a huge procession of colourfully bedecked people of all ages dancing and singing with complete abandon; men with trumpets and drums following them playing their instruments with the same enthusiasm; leaving behind a steady stream of flowers and even some ‘real’ currency notes; you know that you are in the midst of a GRAND INDIAN WEDDING. And who knows it better than a wedding planner in India!
Indian weddings seem to have a distinct flavour have their own. Here are some things that make them truly unique:
The horse becomes the man’s best friend
Heavily decked and garlanded, the groom arrives to claim his bride on a ‘ghodi’. The thought of the horse going berserk would surely be giving them the jitters, while at the surface they are all smiles, thinking of their beautiful brides!  Your wedding event management can help organize the band, the ‘ghodi’ and the entire extravaganza to make the baraat memorable.

Time to hide the shoes
A common ritual in North India, the groom’s saalis (sisters-in-law) hide the groom’s footwear during the ‘pheras’. In exchange for the shoes, the groom can only oblige smilingly by parting with the amount of money they demand (which can be quite a ‘bomb’) or a gold ring. The ritual helps the saalis ‘break the ice’ with the new member of the family – the groom.
The otherwise sober aunts and grandmothers get high and naughty
Marriages in India seem to loosen everyone’s tongue and give them a license to say the naughtiest and crudest things (all taken in the right spirit)! And you can bet – all the aunties keep nudging anyone above the legal age of 18 with – you are next!!
The fun and rituals never seem to end
ANY invitee, irrespective of their relationship with either side of the family, will know the bride and the groom – for they would be seated on two ‘high thrones’ typically made of red velvet – befitting a king and queen. Don’t be surprised if you see a long queue – it is just the overexcited guests waiting to get clicked with the couple to find a coveted place in their wedding album!! And the best part – either family thinks that the guests belong to the ‘other’ side!
The ‘Bollywood’ touch
Indian weddings are not really ‘Indian’ if the Bollywood flavour is missing. The close relatives and cousins even hire professional choreographers to perfect their dance moves to the latest bollywood songs. Honestly, they don’t look any less than the ‘stars’ themselves.  It’s easy to get your wedding event management team to help with the arrangements.
Time for some gossip
Weddings in India are one occasion when long lost relatives and friends meet and greet each other with a lot of enthusiasm. It’s also the best time to catch them gossiping about other guests at the wedding.
If you’ve got it, flaunt in
Women and their gold are inseparable, especially at Indian weddings! So don’t be surprised if you see women overloaded with tons of gold, as if it’s their one last chance to flaunt all they have in their lockers!
Food, food and more food
Indians love their food, and so, no Indian wedding is complete without a lavish spread for the buffet. No effort is spared to hire the best caterers to prepare the most exquisite cuisines from across the world. And it’s very common to have the gourmet items being flown down especially from abroad to make the experience as authentic as possible. Though the thought may be intimidating, a good wedding planner in India can make the job completely hassle-free for you.
Endless Envelopes
Oh they are called the ‘shagan ke lafafe’ – tokens of money as gifts, inserted in beautifully colored envelopes. Almost always, they are in multiples of 101,201,301,401,501 and so on… And here’s the significance behind this strange custom – If I give you 501, the actual amount I have given is just 500, the extra 1 is what you will owe me, so you will have to meet me someday to repay and make it even.
Emotions on a switch – While one minute you see the entire party laughing and making merry, the next minute when the ‘bidai’ ceremony starts, you can see tears liberally rolling down everybody’s cheeks; a typical scene at every Indian wedding!
We are reasonably sure, that at least nine out of ten of you would have experienced at least five of the above, at any Indian wedding!! And they are precisely the things that make them truly unique, memorable and fun!