October 30, 2017

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10 Tips For Planning A Destination Wedding

May 10, 2017

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It Happens Only in India: Some Regional Wedding Customs

November 27, 2017

Famous for its diversity, India is home to so many religions and cultures thereof. Creating waves the world over, are the larger-than-life grand weddings of India. So, if you are planning to tie the knot the traditional way, you need not be let down by regular ‘mundane-ness’ of traditions!
The wedding traditions themselves are so diverse and colorful from place to place!  Ask the best wedding planner to add a traditional twist to your wedding rituals by including some of the age-old customs from another part of the country! In fact, your wedding event management team can bring out the best of regional traditions in your luxury wedding ceremony and make it truly memorable for one and all!
Here’s a quick peep into some of the rich regional customs:

Balle-Balle – The Punjabis Ahoy!
Akin to their nature, these weddings are boisterous, energy-packed lavish affairs with pomp and show.  Famous the world over, thanks to the Bollywood influence, they include lots of singing and dancing in the Sangeet and the pre-wedding cocktail evenings. The ‘Chuda’ ceremony, ‘Mehndi’ ceremony, ‘Sehrabandi’ and ‘Ghodi-Chadna’ are a must here, as is the ‘Barat’ procession, which accompanies the groom, who sits majestically atop a mare. The wedding itself takes place late into the night! The ‘Vidaai’ is a tearful affair, only to be forgotten in the frolic of the grand reception party thrown by the groom the next day!
A touch of Sufism – adopt the Sindhi style
Sindhi weddings blend Vedic rituals with Sufi beliefs. Adorable ceremonies such as Kacchi and Pakki Misri and the groom’s family adorning the bride with Mogra flower jewelry are interesting pre-wedding rituals. The wedding ceremony also has a charming thread ceremony, and ‘Swagatam’ where the groom puts his right foot on the bride’s feet, which are then washed with milk and water!
Innocence and beauty – the Kashmiri Marriage
As pious and charming as the valley of Kashmir, the wedding here is simple and yet graceful. The ceremonial bathing of the bride is quite appealing. So is receiving of 51 ‘thaals’ by the groom’s family, filled with the choicest of goodies and gifts by the bride’s family. The bride being made to wear a ‘dijaru’, an ear ornament, is also quite mystic and romantic! The lilting Kashmiri music adds to the lovely backdrop!
Say I do – The Christian Way
Need a reason to celebrate before the actual ceremonies begin? Throw a bridal shower! The actual traditional Christian wedding in a church is both romantic and formal. The bride looks no less than an angel in layers of white net and veil. The exchange of rings, vows and blessings by the priest and the family is usually followed by a grand reception.  Flowers, candles and wine play an important role. Oh, and don’t those little flower girls look adorable?
Freely explore the gamut of choices with a good wedding event management company and choose a wedding theme that catches your fancy. In fact the best wedding planner should be able to create your luxury wedding ceremony inspired by more than one regional flavor!
So go ahead, indulge in a fantasy of rich culture and make your D-Day one that your guests would talk about for years to come, and something that you’ll cherish forever!

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