October 30, 2017

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10 Tips For Planning A Destination Wedding

May 10, 2017

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Why Hire a Wedding Planner?

November 20, 2017

A wedding in the family brings tremendous joy and excitement with it, so imagine the frenzy if it happens to be your own! There is no denying the fact that an Indian wedding is no less than an extravaganza, which is incomplete without the hustle-bustle of long lost relatives, great food, great music, lots of dancing and the most exclusive decor.  After all, it’s that one day when the bride and groom can live their most special moments, that they can hold dear for the rest of their lives.
Anyone who’s seen or been to an Indian wedding would agree that the wedding preparations are probably the hardest part of the wedding, with months of planning going into it. There are always ‘butterflies in the stomach’, lest things go wrong.  What if the cab that has to pick up your dearest aunt doesn’t turn up at the airport at all because in the midst of all the last minute running around you forget to remind the driver? Or what if you fall short of the made-to-order designer sarees that you had to gift your mother-in-law and relatives?
Now, that is precisely where the services of the best wedding planners in town can come handy and save your day!
We believe that since this moment is special, it must be savoured, unhindered. And why just the bride – it should be for everyone…
If you agree, then read on…

Say no to stress
Caterers, florists, venue, invitations, gifts, transportation – and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Can you really handle all this and much more when there is already so much on your plate!
Getting the best wedding planners to handle the job means that you can offload all the arrangements for the wedding preparations end-to-end to them, right from choosing the venue and theme, arranging a caterer, transportation of guests, arranging the gifts, decoration…you name it and they’ll do it. So why take stress when you can get wedding planning services from experienced event planners, who are ‘pros’ at what they do.
Go for tried and tested, not the day for experimenting
Renowned event companies offering wedding planning services normally have a fair share of successful weddings in their portfolio. Why experiment on the biggest and most special day of your life when you have experts at hand to do the job to perfection. So while you let them do the ‘running around’, you can revel in the celebrations and ENJOY every moment of it!
Destination wedding it is!
A beach wedding in Thailand?… Well, if that’s the plan, you cannot possibly handle the wedding preparations sitting here in India. And since you can’t be omnipresent, it makes sense to get help from destination wedding planners who will not only understand your dreams but can also translate them into a beautiful reality on the D-Day.
Counting on reliable destination wedding planners will make the experience absolutely smooth sailing for you. So whether you want to charter a plane to ferry your guests from India or arrange a special ‘Tuk-Tuk’ ride for their shopping spree in Thailand, it’s not your headache anymore.
A good wedding planner can actually be a blessing-in-disguise in the midst of all the wedding preparations, which can, at times, get ‘too-much-to-handle’. And you needn’t worry about the expenses going overboard either, because they’ll offer you the best experience possible within the budget YOU give them.
So instead of letting all the wedding preparations take a toll on you, be wise and make that call to the best wedding planners in towns without any further delay…

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