October 30, 2017

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10 Tips For Planning A Destination Wedding

May 10, 2017

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October 30, 2017

After the rush of congratulatory messages and wishes has died down for your impending wedding, it’s time to sit down and take a deep breath. After all, you now have to plan the magnanimous affair – the wedding extravaganza, and would want to make it extra-extra special in every way, so it’s an affair to remember!


However, wedding planning can be both exciting and daunting. You can choose to use the services of the best wedding planner to waltz through the plans as they can take care of the minutest details, therefore allowing you to be at ease all through the preparations!


Here are some things that go into planning the perfect wedding:


The perfect setting

Does an exotic destination take your fancy? Your destination wedding planner can suggest a variety of picturesque destinations – from luxury resorts, pristine beaches, and majestic mountains to custom cruises, near and far!


The run-up to the finale

You might like to celebrate over weeks or days, stepping up the frenzy and excitement to the big day. Plan out the big and small functions, pre-wedding bash parties, cocktail events, dance parties and religious gatherings before and after the main wedding, right from the start, to be in better control!


Who’s attending?

Chalk out your guest list, carefully categorizing the ‘must-call’ and ‘like-to-call’ guests! You may want a close-knit circle for some personal celebrations and others to participate in the gaiety of larger functions.


Budget your expenses

The more detailed breakdown you have of your expenses, the better it is. And be ready to keep making adjustments to these, right up to the last day. At the end, do keep buffers for unforeseen expenses that all weddings seem to have an uncanny affinity towards!


Send a ‘Block the Date’ card to your guests

Let your destination wedding planner send a card or email well in advance to your guests to block the date(s) for the festivities on their calendars. Follow up with creative reminders and also take confirmations, so you can plan accordingly.


Make reservations, block venues

Each gathering will need venue reservations as well as hotel bookings for your guests. Some may be arriving earlier, yet others late! Make reservations accordingly.


Find the perfect florist, band, designer, hair-stylist, make-up pro, photographer and the choreographer

No wedding is complete without its fair share of music and dance (more so if it’s an Indian wedding), so you may want to hire a creative choreographer. And who wouldn’t want a designer who can make you look your best and coordinate your attire with that of your partner’s for the celebration, and a hair and make-up pro who can transform you into a real diva or hunk on your special day? Also, don’t forget to find the right florists, bands and decorators to create the perfect setting you’ve always dreamed of!


Fun-filled fillers

Your guests may have time at hand in between functions, so you need to plan how to keep them occupied and entertained. How about a trip to the nearby tourist spots or shopping havens or even a lavish spa session for them! Be creative and churn out unique possibilities.


Thorough run-through

Visit the venue, and run through the entire schedule and plans in detail to avoid last minute confusions.


Too much to coordinate? Don’t fret! There are specialists in wedding event management, who can make this a cakewalk for you! You simply need to rope in the best wedding event management experts and see how they make your D-Day a truly memorable one; not to forget, making your experience completely stress-free in the run up to the event. So, call for the best wedding planner in the city and dance your way to your dreams!