October 30, 2017

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10 Tips For Planning A Destination Wedding

May 10, 2017

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10 Tips For Planning A Destination Wedding

May 10, 2017





“Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue“

The air is fresh with the whiff of mistletoe and preparations are in full swing. The shopping is done, the family and friends have arrived and so has the priest. Let the ceremonies begin!

But wait! Are the modern day weddings all about sentiment and traditions alone? Do you want your D-day to fade out as just another day? There has to be fun, grandiose settings, beautiful clothes and……not to forget, an exotic destination!


Planning and coordinating the excitement and keeping every small detail tied up requires a mastermind and it is perhaps for this reason that young couples in love and their anxious parents are turning to the experts, the best wedding planners the city can offer. Identifying a reliable wedding event management is therefore a crucial step.


Let the professionals do their stuff, and you just enjoy that feeling of being in love… it’s your day…its special…

Sunset and beaches or something more fancy?

This lust for a fancy wedding at an exotic location has changed the way weddings have always been planned. Whether you want to wed in the warm glory of the setting sun in Goa or have a swimsuit affair in Phuket, a Hawaiian show or a back-to-tradition ceremony in one of the world’s most beautiful churches, your destination wedding planner can help you translate all your wild dreams into a reality.


A wedding event management expert can pick out the loopholes from where you never thought to look. Here are some of the tips your destination-wedding planner can give you:


  • Not in the eye of the storm for sure – It is great if you have chosen an exotic destination. Do some research on the weather conditions beforehand. You certainly wouldn’t want the scorching summers of monsoons to play spoilsport.

  • Far from the maddening crowd –If the location that you have chosen is so remote that it is not even on the map, then it is perhaps a great honeymoon destination, but certainly not for the wedding. Your guests may not appreciate the journey.

  • Connect the dots – When you initially inform your guests of the plan, make sure that you give them the exact location with information on how to get there (nearest airport etc.), so that they can plan their travel well in advance. Making bulk bookings in advance can also help save substantially.

  •  ‘Save the Dates’ for guests –Unlike a normal wedding, sending invitations a month in advance will not help. You will have to send ‘Save the Date’ cards to guests beforehand, (maybe even 6 months in advance!) so they can plan their travel and make the necessary bookings, get visa clearances etc. A formal wedding invite with the details needs to be sent later, closer towards the D-Day.

  • A wedding vacation –If you are considering holy matrimony in the middle of nowhere, just because it caught your fancy, then it might not turn out to be a great trip for your guests, since normally a destination wedding goes on to become an extended vacation for them.

  • Plan that itinerary – Travelling all the way to Venice or Hawaii just to be a part of a wedding and nothing else does seem to be rather a shame does it not? Do have a plan of action and a list of things to do and places to visit ready for your guests that they can follow in their free time.

  • Get local performers– The first rule of a destination wedding is to give it a local flavor. What better than getting local performers to do their song and dance and adding to the festivities.

  • Local food is a must –Though there will be no dearth for food and wine, don’t forget to include some local delicacies into your menu as well. This will give your guests a complete experience!

  • A preliminary dry run –Do visit the location once, so that you meet all the people involved (priest, caterer, etc.) personally and oversee the arrangements. You don’t want any nasty surprises on the D-Day!

  • Get personal – Give every single detail a personal touch, a personal welcome note on their pillow, or their favorite bottle of Chardonnay perhaps?


Whether you want your guests to groove in sync to a Bollywood song or grip a glass of margarita, do the foxtrot or get formal with a ballroom dance, you can count on a good wedding event management company to make it a hassle-free experience. The best wedding planners can cater to every single whim and fancy to make your special day a memorable… one that you will cherish forever.

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